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"life was breathed into limestone priceless"

Client Brief:
"I had the thought that for my husband's 50th birthday, I would give him a sculpture of a cow. I contacted Elaine Arnold and she was very excited and receptive to the ideas that I had for this project. The small sample sculpture she created was absolutely wonderful! Elaine had captured the essence of the cow I had envisioned."

Design Concept & Approach

Designed as a 50th birthday gift - the client wanted the sculpture of the cow to reflect dignity and comfort, and be "welcoming and embracing" for children to play nearby.

We started by making a small clay model of the proposed sculpture for the client's approval, and then carved the piece from a half-ton of Indiana Limestone, polished to silky smoothness, which invites a caress from passers-by. All carving was done in the sculpture studio, and then the finished piece was crated and transported to the clients' home, where it was forklifted into place.

The line of the cow's curved back reflects the shape of the land on which it is located.

"Elaine kept me informed of her progress as she worked and invited me to viewings at various stages. The end result was truly sublime. Life was breathed into limestone...a most remarkable work that my husband loved and we greatly treasure. In our garden it creates its own unique environment. I don't believe sculpture of this quality is often seen. Priceless..."

- Toby Lieb