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"moved to tears"

Client Brief:
Commission for wood carved mantelpiece. The mantelpiece for a clients' new home had a geometric pattern cut into the horizontal ash panel above the fireplace. However, when it arrived to be installed, they felt it should be more organic and sculptural, but also lyrical, whimsical and graceful. They approached us to carve a replacement panel to fit into the existing mantlepiece structure.

Design Concept & Approach

Our design for the main panel is based on the natural elements that the clients love about the woods of Blue Ridge Mountains - particular plants and birds from the woods around the home: laurel, rhododendron, oak, roses, and other favorite plants. They are all woven into a "filigree" pattern and carved in ash wood to integrate with the existing mantelpiece.

We also incorporated, at the clients' request, lily-of-the-valley and salvia flowers with hummingbirds & bees which were particularly important to them. We designed two cameo pieces to fit the two spaces on either side of the main carving to feature these elements. When the design drawing was presented to the client, she was moved to tears...

The simplicity and elegance of the design makes it work as a comfortable background for other artwork in the home, as well as having its own integrity.